Maya Baghirova was born in 1993 in Baku. Maya went to secondary school in the Gymnasium of Art in the year 2001. She also spent part of her life in Israel where she studied high school. After coming back to her home town she began to feel everything had changed around her and didn't feel herself. She wasn't familiar with her new life moving back home and realised photography is where she found her passion. In 2011 she attended the Academy of Music where she continued her first profession for music and playing the violin. Maya started her photography career while working at the Mugham Centre and is currently working for Nargis magazine as a freelance photographer. Maya believes humans need nature, beauty and love to feel. She prefers B&W photos as she thinks they capture the reality inside. Currently, Maya is based in Paris where she has been studying at Speos International Photography school since 2017.



2019 Photo exhibition "Names" in Baku Photography House 

2019 Personal exhibition « Paris » in Baku, Azerbaijan

2016 novembre  Cornette de Saint Cyr « Grandeur Nature » 

2016 mai  Cornette de Saint Cyr « La solitude »

2015 « Salon des Beaux Arts » - Paris 

2014 « Zovg » Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 « My homeland Azerbaijan »

2011 « Old age - eyes of children »


Prizes :

2018 Finaliste lors du Grand Prix Etudiant de Paris Match

2015 Gold medal and gold medal jury SNBA, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

2015 Prize Jean Larivière SNBA, Société Nationale des Beaux Arts
2015 Bronze medal «Photographer of year Azerbaijan 2015»